SUN Fitnes

Work out in fresh air and refresh your body in the hot spring after the exercise.

Use charge [Fitness + natural hot spring]

  • Staying customer 500 yen [Including tax and service charge]
  • General use 1,500 yen [Including tax and service charge]

The latest machine

There are the latest machines such as air walking machines, motorcycles, and horse riding machines.

  • Air walking[8] / Treadmill [6] / Upright motorcycle [6]/ Horse riding machine [2] / Others
  • There are also muscle srength machines such as bench press and dumbbells.


Sales and Rental

T-shirt , Half pants , Socks

Attention in use

  • People over 13 years old can use this fitness club. (Note : children under 18 must be accomparied by guardians.)
  • The folowing people can not use this facility
    hight blood pressure , a heart failure , drunh ,with tatloos.
  • Do not bring food into the room.