Relaxation and Hot spring



About Mugwort Care

This is a traditional home remedy with a history over 600 years in Southen Korea.

This is very noteworthy health and beauty regimen that promoters sweating by warning the lower body with steam from steaming several kinds of herbs including mugwort to warm the whale body inside.


  • Steam penetrating the body directhy from the skin makes the skin beautiful.
  • It promotes blood circulation and has good effects an women's diseases.
  • Detoxification and allergic reaction inhibitation by promoting metabolism.
  • Relaxing effects of mugwort's aroma

Enjoy relaxing moments.

Healthy Tea

We offer you a health tea,good for your health.

Charge [Mugwort Care & Hot spring]

  • Staying customer:1,500yen
  • General use:2,000yen

Operating Time

  • Sunday from Thursday  11:00 to 20:00
  • Friday, Saturday, and the day before of Holiday 11:00 to 21:00



  • This salon is women-only.
  • The customer who corresponds to the following content will be refused to use this service
    Hangover , Limited activity by a doctor , Pregnant , Heat diseases , Mugwort allergy , With a peace maker , Under an operation , Menstruant